What are QR codes

QR is short for Quick Response code, meaning that they can be read quickly by a smartphone or other reading machine.  QR codes are two-dimensional, square barcodes that were first developed and used in Japan in 1994. Like standard barcodes, a QR code is a way to store information in a machine-readable optical label. The data contained in a QR code can be anything from a website url, coupon code, prize draw or email address, and so on.

QR codes store data using a pattern of black and white dots arranged in a square grid. These patterns can be scanned and translated into human readable information, with the help of your smartphone camera or a QR code reading app.

How will My QR code work with ScanExtras

When you sign up to the ScanExtras service, we will allocate you one of our unique QR codes and an account page for your business.

Your business account page will do the following:

  • Collect your customers data
  • Be linked to your google reviews page
  • Email you when you have received a new google review
  • Be linked to your Facebook reviews page
  • Keep track of what offer, coupon or prize draw you have on currently

When you sign up to ScanExtras you will decide what you want to offer your customers, this can be a discount, BOGOF, a free gift, prize draw entry and so on.

This offer can then be changed on a monthly basis if you choose, just contact your account manager or email us on hello@scanextras.com.

When your customers scan the QR code on your uniquely designed POS they will receive an offer, coupon or prize entry of your choice at the time of purchase.  They will also then be prompted to leave you a google or Facebook review there and then.

Every customer who scans the QR code will then be sent a welcome email by ScanExtras with a reminder and link to leave a review for your business, if they have not already done so.   We can then send a monthly marketing email to your customers with all of the new offers that you would like to promote.